Friday, October 4, 2013


I remember Desi teaching us how to dance to twist n shout in Baltimore, MD. I remember playing school in NY. You'd be the teacher and Johnny and I would be the students. We also played Dr. and Nurse where we "diagnosed" all our stuffed animals. We would investigate their "state of health" by marking down any rips or tears or markings they had, that was your job. I was to cut and staple their tags to your "report" (sheet of paper w/record of health). Johnny helped "diagnose" the animals n dolls. I remember you marked ears as bloody because I had colored their ears red! Ha! You were sooo creative! I remember in Baltimore wanting to switch neighbor friends because it seemed you were with the "fun" one, only to discover you were the fun one! I remember in FL you not knocking me into the pool when it would've been so easy to do so. You were a great big sister, except maybe when you pushed me to the edge of the bed closest to the door so that the monsters would get me first! I remember kicking Johnny out of the bedroom because we were changing our Barbie dolls and he was a boy and couldn't see them many memories....

I Miss You Nano!


I miss you Nano! I just plain miss you! I was reading an email from you about your bipolar condition and just wanted to scream at the computer: I MISS YOU NANO!!! I just cried instead... I wish I had spent more time with you in your hard times and just to spend time with you more before you passed away... I miss you so much! I am crying now again. I just want to call you up and go out for coffee or visit with you and do artwork again. Play games.... I guess that's it for now.

Purpose of Blog

This is a blog about my sweet sister Stephanie Marie Perkins who passed away from Leukemia on October 20th, 2012. I will be journaling my thoughts and feelings of my continuous grief process and am open to any posts by those who are grieving and remembering her right along with me. I love you Nano!